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Polls? What Polls? It's All Over But The Shouting

Voters shun Erice’s decision to leave LP;

Along Malapitan posts wide margin in survey

Caloocan City where First District Rep. Dale Gonzalo ‘Along’ MALAPITAN who is the preferred choice of 59% in the recent Pulso ng Pilipino pre-poll survey is currently leading Second District Rep. Edgar ‘Egay’ ERICE who registered 24%. The 35% margin, according to Malay, is huge and Erice may not have the time to even come close given the fact that the average progression in pre-poll surveys is only about one-to-two per cent a month.

Malay pointed out that what was initially billed as a close contest between the two is turning out into a landslide win for Malapitan and the reason for this is Erice’s decision to abandon the Liberal Party which was not welcomed by the large LP community in Caloocan City. Erice was particularly close to the late President Benigno Simeon Aquino III and his decision to sever his ties with the LP created a lot of political murmurings as to the real reason why he ditched the LP.

At the same time, Malay also said that there were several controversial issues in the past that dragged the name of Erice including the arrest of a relative in Pasay City for drug possession a few years back and this has somewhat tainted his reputation which did not sit well with the voters in the city.

The other reality, said Malay, is the growing number of voters classified as Gen Z and Digital Natives and the young Malapitan has cornered a huge number of voters in this category as against those who voted for Erice.

Even if the scheduled synchronized national and local polls is still six months away, Malay claims that Malapitan is well on his way to getting elected as Mayor of the city that has replaced Binondo as the country’s main hub for spare sparts for motorcycles, cars and trucks. As the city’s peace and order condition improved during the tenure of the elder Malapitan, Caloocan has emerged as the new investment destination in the National Capital Region, The Center noted.

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