About Us...

At The ISSUES and ADVOCACY CENTER (The CENTER), we take our business seriously. We plan and strategize. These are the two pillars of our organization. For us at The CENTER, strategy is not just a concept, or a set of concepts but strategy is the engine that drives our programs that, when implemented, will give our Clients, the company or organization or any political candidate a shot at success. To do this, we design our strategy to determine the who, why, what, when and how of whatever goals that are aligned with the objectives of our Clients.
In the pursuit of our goals, we maximize our potentials through information warfare engagement. This strategy is rooted in the indisputable fact that information and information technologies have become increasingly important to strategic communications. Based on this concept, advanced PR and Media conflicts will increasingly be characterized by the struggle over information systems. And all forms of struggle will zero in on control and dominance for information and those who master the techniques of information warfare will therefore find themselves at an advantage over those who have not.
We at The CENTER have mastered this technique of using information data to harmonize and boost our PR and Media strategies. 
Thus, if success is what you require, we at The CENTER can partner with you and together we will reach our goal.
The CENTER is headed by Ed M. Malay, a PR-Media Specialist with more than 50 years of experience in the Electronic and Print Media Environment, Public Relations, Publicity and Crisis Communications. He was part of the Media Bureau of then former Defense Secretary Fidel V. Ramos who was elected President in 1992 and from then on has been actively involved in the electoral exercises that followed up to the present time.