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Public Relations is largely dependent on an effective communications strategy and technique since it is to a large degree a primary factor in ensuring the viability of any organization be it social, political, or business in communicating its message to its target publics. We at The CENTER consider Public Relations as a major platform that bridges the gap between lack of information, disinformation and or an environment that is reeling from the effects of astroturfing. The CENTER looks at Public Relations as a two-way communication between an organization and its publics, and or between a political candidate and the electorate. This is the reason why The CENTER has made it a point to listen to the different publics of the client through the different forms of information and data research tools that we have developed, as well as in our ability to analyze and understand the attitudes and behaviors of the client's target audiences. This is also why The CENTER has the ability and the expertise to conceptualize, implement and manage an effective public relations campaign.

“Our mission at The CENTER is to create public relations, publicity, corporate, social and political media strategies that can make things happen, employing high moral and ethical standards for transparent and truthful communications.”


A crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of an organization, group, office or persona, usually brought on by adverse or negative media attention. These situations can be any kind of legal or moral issue, that could be attributed either to your own organization, group, office or person and or from relatively external sources. It can also be a situation where in the eyes of the media or general public you did not react to one of the above situations in the appropriate manner. This definition is not at all encompassing but rather is designed to give you an idea of the types of situations where you may need to follow a crisis management plan. If and when handled correctly the damage can be minimized.
One thing to remember that is crucial in a crisis is tell it all, tell it fast and tell the truth. If you do this you have done all you can to minimize the crisis situation.
When a situation arises that is symptomatic of a crisis, the first thing you should do is contact and or organize your crisis management team. The sooner your team gets involved the sooner you can weather the crisis you may be into. The CENTER has the expertise to respond to crisis situations.


At The ISSUES AND ADVOCACY CENTER (The CENTER), we have the passion and expertise to get engaged in the following platforms:

1. Dedicated Public Relations campaigns

2. Specialized Public Relations and Publicity programs

3. Crisis PR Management and, Internal Communications

4. Image Engineering and Image Development 

5. Multi-Dimensional Focus Discussion Generators

6. Advocacy Campaigns, Research, surveys and data generation

7. Media Relations 

8. Consumer and Business Communications

9. Corporate Citizen and Community Outreach




-  Media Relations (Strengthening Close Relationships with the       

-  Media Monitoring and Reporting (Monitoring and Scrapping

-  Press Releases (News, Feature Article Placements, TV/ Radio

-  Production of Press Kits and Annual News Reports
-  Article Analysis
-  PR Survey and Public Opinion Poll
-  Crisis Management
*  Advertising
-  Advertising Plan and Commercial Production
-  Production of Promotional Items (Calendar, Diary, Brochure,

   Digital PR, etc.)

-  Video/ Photography (For Press Releases, Brochures, 

   Organizational Magazines, etc.)

-  Publishing, Trade Journals, Specialty Publications

-  Digital and social media engagements, Influencers.